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We take pride in making pet foods we would be proud to feed our own pets. All NutraGold formulas are made in state-of-the-art facilities with ingredients of exceptional quality. To learn more about how NutraGold ensures the quality of our products, click here, or take a tour of our manufacturing plant.

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NutraGold Holistic Dog Formulas

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NutraGold Grain-Free Formulas

NutraGold Holistic

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It’s What’s Inside that Counts™

NutraGold Holistic formulas are formulated with real meat, whole grains and egg for high-quality protein and healthy fats, omega fatty acids for healthy skin and coat and antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables, creating a highly nutritious pet food with superior taste. Each Super Premium NutraGold Holistic Formula is designed to meet a specific life stage, giving your pet a healthy and holistic edge.

NutraGold Grain-Free

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Protein-rich dog food with natural antioxidants, omega fatty acids and without grains, for superior nutrition.

NutraGold Grain-Free formulas contain the trusted ingredients you would expect from NutraGold, but without the grains. Real meat and antioxidant-packed fruits and vegetables come together for a highly digestible, highly nutritious dog food with superior taste for all life stages.

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